F-1 Stamping in Canada/Jamaica?


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My wife was on H-4 since 2011 and enrolled in a MS program in Sep 2013.


Her COS to F-1 got approved in Jan 2014.  She intends to graduate in Aug 2015.


She has completed 2 semesters and will start the third in September. 


She is currently on CPT working in a lab.


We plan to invite both our parents next year to the US.


Here are my concerns:


1. Should she get her visa stamped before she graduates to get her OPT?


2. We want to avoid travelling to India this December since we are saving to bring our parents here next year. Can she get her F-1 stamped in Canada / Jamaica this December?


3. We had a relative who  sponsored her when she started her course and gave supporting documents from the relative for COS, but she got a scholarship after she got the COS approved, so I m able to support her now. Do we still need the relatives documents for the stamping?


Appreciate your time and help in answering these questions.


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