I-485 Pending for almost 14 months


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Hello All,


My wife and I filled I-485 in June 2013 and it is still pending. Last January I initiated Congressional Inquiry through my district congressman and everytime the reply was 'background check pending'.


Last month I took an infopass appointment and they asked me to call USCIS, which I did and they sent me an email saying that my case is with adjudiccating officer and they will have a decision or notice of action in 30 days. 30 days have been passed but I still did not hear anything. Yesterday my attorney opened up a new inquiry.


My case is with Texas Service Center.


Has anyone experienced the same delay? and shall I contact my senator for an inquiry with USCIS or there is nothing much he can do either?




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There are a bunch of folks who are in similar boat. Please update below document with your details.  we are trying to form a group and deal with this together. Hopefully have some organization represent us and bring some policy change.. Please sign up so you will be part of the initiative. We want to gather as many people as possible who are in similar situation. Also please spread the word. 



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