Transferring School BS-->MS. Will i need new F-1 visa


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So I just finished my BS from a US university. My F-1 Visa is valid for another year. I am going to pursue an MS. I have already obtained the new i-20. The problem is, my current visa does not cover the entire duration of my MS program (expires around 6 months before program end date). 

 I wish to be able to travel to india in the interim period and during the following OPT period.


So what should I do. I have been told that i will be able to travel back to the US now with my valid visa from old institution and new i20. 

but should i get a new stamp anyway (with extended validity for program duration + OPT?)


what are my chances of getting that given that my visa is still valid?


should I do it now or later (maybe december?).

Should i apply here in india or canada (i live fairly close)


also it appears i wont qualify for the dropbox program (due to changing schools) - am i right?



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