Regarding travelling on H1B with old passport stamp


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I have valid stamp on passport from Company A which will be valid until May 2015.I changed to another company B(transferred H1B) but haven't left the country and new I797 is valid until October 2017.My H1B from Company A is revoked the day i left my job there.Now i would like to travel to India in August and would like to know if i need to go for stamping again?Can i come back on my new I797 from company B and old passport stamp from Company A which is still valid(but actual H1B petition is revoked by company A)?Will i have any issues at port of entry?

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That shouldn't be a problem i guess..The information i found -Normally, a valid and non-expired H-1B stamp from a previous employer can be used for travel to the US with a subsequent employer's H-1B approval, even for a previous employer revoked the H-1B petition.Correct me if i am wrong.

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