Impact of taking medicaid for wife/kid on H1B visa eligibility


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I am a student on F1 visa and my wife is staying with me on F2. We are going to have a baby here in the US ( We arrived in US in Sep'13 and Baby is due in Aug'14). My wife is covered with a private insurance for prenatal care and delivery related expenses.


I was planning on putting my wife and baby on Medicaid ( As per my university's policy, international students are required to buy a particular private insurance, so i gotta go with that). I read on some blogs ( from 2011) about instances where H1-B was denied because applicants wife or kids used state funded insurance ( and thus became a public charge). so my questions are:


1. Should I go for Medicaid for my wife and or baby

2. If not medicaid, is it better to go for Health Exchange provided plans, which often have tax credit ( as I am not earning anything now)

3. Having a baby is US : could that be a cause of rejection of H1B as that shows intent to settle down in US.




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