How do I prove my 245(i) grandfather section eligibility without any documents ?


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I entered USA as an undocumented in year 2000. I submitted my 1st application before April 30, 2001 under 245(i). Because of Employer issue, I re-applied from a NEW employer in 2004 under "grandfather" section of 245(i). This labor application got approved and pending for dates to go current. 

Apart from this, in 2014 my daughter filed for my green-card under family category. I got I-130 approved after our interview, I also verified my presence in year 2000 with proper document. 

For I-485 : USCIS is asking us to prove I am a beneficiary of 245(i), since my labor application is of year 2004. Since I do not have any documents related to 1st application I filed - How should I convince that I am eligible under "grandfather" section of 245(i) ?

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