Labor/PERM application initiated: Options if I don't get H1B extension in time?


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I am working for a global management consulting company and I am in the 6th year of my H1B. My H1B expires in April 2015. My company has just initiated  my green card process (obviously its late). The labor/PERM application will be filed by September 2014.


I am afraid that I may not get a H1B extension, before my H1B expires in April 2015. If I do not get an extension in time then my understanding is: I will have to leave the US in April 2015 and work from a company office outside of the US. In this case:
(1) When will I be able to re-enter the US?
(2) Can I re-enter as soon as my labor and I-140 gets approved?
(3) On what Visa will I re-enter the US? Can I re-enter on L1 visa?
(4) If I have to re-enter on H1B, then do I have to go through the cap and wait till October 2015 to re-enter? or can I re-enter immediately after Labor & I-140 is approved?
(5) Will I being outside of the US affect/halt/delay my green card processing?


Please let me know if you need any additional information on my case.

Appreciate your advice/help on this matter. Thanks a lot in advance.

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