Mexico travel without H1-B stamped in passport


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I moved from F1 to H1-B in Oct 2012, but haven't been able to go back to my home country to get the visa stamped in my passport. I have a business trip coming up to Mexico. My attorney tells me that I can travel back and forth between Mexico and US using the Automatic Revalidation Rule ( even without the visa stamped in my passport), but he's not sure if I need a Mexican visa. I realize you don't a Mexican visa if you have your H1-B stamped in your passport. But in my case, will I need a Mexican visa?


Thanks in advance.

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Check to see if your home country has any visa free travel arrangements with Mexico. If not you will need a visa. If you are stopped my Mexican authorities and found travelling without a visa. You could be denied entry and/or arrested and god know what else. Mexican prison is not the place you want to be conducting your business meeting ;-)

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If you have a USA Visa stamped on your passport then you don't need a Mexican Visa.


in order to get your AVR to be active you need to have alteast one stamping of you current visa status. 


F1 to H1B visa stamping is not done in mexico.


if you already have an expired H!S visa stamping but have a valid i-797 with a i94 attached to the bottom. You can travel into any close islands / Mexico for a short period like 2 weeks and still return back to USA.

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