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Hi Friends,


My I-94 and L1-Visa is expiring on SEP-29. The company that I work for is making arrangements for visa extension.


I know it might take a time to know my extension status, but after SEP-29 I will not be able to drive as my license is valid only till visa/I-94 validity(in Texas).


Given that my wife is due for delivery around AUG last week and the requirement of car/license, is there a provision that we can request DMV for license renewal on basis of health ground/infant issues related?


Any suggestion is welcome, appreciate your help.




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You can Take the Original Extension petition copy to DMV, will take your application and they will give you call after a week of time, by default they may extend you license for 240days.

In a county you may have 3-5 DMV offices, certain offices may not aware of the L1/H1 Extension Process so you may need to try with couple of DMV offices.




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