Birth certificate question for 485

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HI Guys -


I have birth certificate that was taken recently in my home country. ( after almost 35 years of birth date  )  All the information is correct ..


Wondering do I need to have any  affidavit  for  i-485 - since I had not taken birth certificate when I was born ?





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    My attorney asked me the same question. If my birth was registered within a few days. If it wasn't then he suggested that we might need a couple of affidavits from parents (if alive) or relatives. Most of the western countries have an established mechanism where births get registered within a few days but in the sub continent most of them are at home or un registered nursing homes. I would suggest you go with the Birth certificate you have as well as with affidavits. Google or consult an attorney for the wording of the affidavit

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