Birth Certificate Confusion


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So I have 3 birth certificats


1) Hospital (Name shown is First Name, Mom's Maiden Name)

2) Jamaican Registrar (Name shown is First Name, Mom's Maiden Name)

3) Indian High Commission in Jamaica (Name is First Name, Last Name)


So as you can see, the only "correct" one is the one from the Indian Commssion.  When I was first born my parents used the Indian tradition of using the mom's maiden name as my last name.  Then a few months later at the Indian commission they used my dad's last name so all 3 of us had the same last night.


I gave the employer's lawyer all 3.  The 1st one says child of mother formerly known as blah blah so it explains it.


Do you think there will be any issues?  Maybe an RFE to prove they are the same person?

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