H1B to H4 back to H1B - is stamping required?


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I have a valid H1B stamp (expires in Feb 2015) from my previous employer A. After I quit the job at A, I had a COS done to H4. I had to travel to India after this, and had to get the H4 stamping done to return to the US. They did not cancel my previous H1B stamping. 


After my return I found another job and my new employer B filed for a COS back to H1B, which was approved and I have a new I797 approval notice. I had to travel back to India for a family emergency and now am currently in India.


So my questions are:

1. Do I now need to get the H1B stamped again with my new I797 from employer B? I ask this since my previous H1B stamp is still valid, and I have the new I797.

2. Can I use the dropbox service or do I need to appear for an interview?


I'd deeply appreciate all of your help.


Thanks a ton!



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@jairichi, @JoeF - Thanks a ton for your replies! That really helps. Sincere apologies for my late reply.


@omshiv - You're supposedly an 'advanced member'. I'd expect you to be more careful with what you post here, especially if you do not know the context of the emergency is. I am offended and can report this, but since you're unaware of the situation I'd only ask you to watch your words. 

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