EB2 GC Eligibility and Years of Experiance

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Hi All,


I am currently working for an employer who is willing to file my Green Card, I wanted to check under which catogory i would fall ?, Below are my details.


Bachelors  in Computer Science(4 years) and MS in Computer Science(2 years). After my master's I have immediatly started working with my current employer. I have 2 years of IT Experience with this employer. As i have immediatly started working after my masters i have no prior IT Experience.


I have heared that to fall under EB2 a candidate should have Adavnced Degree + some work experience in the past not with the current employer. Since this is my first employer and i have no proior work experience do i still qualify to apply under EB2.


Any Suggestions will be really helpful for me.





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