H1B visa interview in Nogales/Mexico OCT 4th


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We had interview last week and got the visa . Please be prepared for PIMS verification , it may take 24 to 48 hours . In case if you are going for status change (F1-H1 or H4-H1 etc.._ , Please do not go to Nogales .

Please make sure that you have client letter, vendor letter . They are verifying W2 and tax returns . Please carry all your I 797s.

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If you had any issues with last year's W2s , Please do not take any risk of going to mexico.VO checked my friend's W2 and tax returns . VO took 30 mins in doing the verification.


We are from New jersy. We flew from NJ to Tuscon and from there took a shared car ($12 for person) to Nogales border . At the border , Border security asked me questions on why am I going to Mexico and how much cash we have . He checked my earlier I 797s also . Please make sure that you are carrying all the old I 797s. We stayed at a hotel "Fry Marcos" . They charge around $70 per day. Food is ok there and you can find Chinese restaurant across the street also . Food in Chinese restaurant is very good.

On the same day , we had finger printing and next day 09/15th , we went to the consulate. We had interview @ 11AM , they allowed us inside the consulate around 10.30AM . Inside the consulate they will check your DS forms and passports and will issue the token number .

The token numbers will be displayed inside the consulate . Once you get your number , you need to go inside the cabin and there they will check the passports and forms again . After the verification , we came out and went to the consulate officer.

VO was good and he checked our docs and asked about the employer,client. Checked the client,employer and vendor letter . Asked for W2 and paystubs and verified them and asked me about my job and also asked my earlier I 797s . After some time , he told me that PIMS is not updated and asked us to come back again 09/19th . On 09/19th, the VO was not there in office and asked us to come back again 09/20th and we got the visas.

09/20th , we crossed the border . At the border you need to pay $6 for I94.


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