Calling Toronto H1-B July stamps


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Interviewed on July 22nd morning.


Got white paper (no 221g)


As of July 25 morn (still showing Admn processing on CEAC website )


Not sure if PIMS was mentioned on my DS-160 letter during interview. 


If anyone has any additional resources to follow up. Please help out.

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Sorry to hear it worker123, what does the white paper state? Visa refusal? Provide more documents? Did the visa officer request any documents? If you want to find out for sure, you can email and ask for an update on your case They may reply with an email that states 221g in it. I've also seen that in some cases the CEAC site shows admin processing while the passport is being stamped and hasn't been handed off to loomis. Hope its something as simple as that. Hope to hear more from you. 

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