Sponsoring Visitor Visa to in-laws but H1B Expiring in Sep 2014


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I am planning on sponsoring my in-laws for visitor visa . However my current H1B expires in September 2014. Does the H1B validation time ( ~2 months)  affect visitor visa?

Are there any chances of rejection because of this?


Please let me know.



Look for similar posts before you post anything blindly. There is no sponsorship for visitor visa and your current status in US has nothing to do with a visitor visa for your in-laws.

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Firstly you dont sponsor them...they should do a self sponsorship...you should not get involved...thats a sure shot rejection there.


Secondly your visa status or expiry does not matter here.


That is not correct. You can always sponsor the stay (meaning be liable for their expenses while in the US) for any visitor. Anyone applying for a visitor visa has to show proof of sufficient funds to be able to finance their US visit. That financing can be done by borne by a US resident. And no, that is not a reason for sure shot rejection. 

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That is not correct. You can always sponsor the stay (meaning be liable for their expenses while in the US) for any visitor.


Except that the form used for that is not enforceable. In effect, that means that there is no sponsoring for visitors.

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I looked up few other websites for documents that a visitor visa candidate should carry to the interview.Most of them have sponsor documents listed like paystubs,bank satements etc.But the replies in this post seem to be saying its not the case.



I am really confused now.Please let me know if I can be a sponsor for their lodge&boarding and they manage other expenses?


Sorry to ask again , but in any case will my H1  visa status affect my in-laws chances of gettig visitor visa?



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In general, consular officers decide the outcome of a visa application based on the information presented in DS-160 visa application and elicited at the visa interview. Though the officer seldom reviews the documentation carried by an applicant, it is always better to carry evidence that his/her inviting relative or friend continues to maintain a valid immigration status in the U.S. If his/her immigration status is expiring soon, it may be better to carry documents to evidence that a proper petition to extend or change the status has been filed with USCIS. If you need further assistance in this matter, please feel free to consult with one of the Attorneys at Murthy Immigration Services Private Limited in Chennai, India. More information is available on https://www.murthyindia.com/.

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