H1b Transfer to New Employer - Relieving date from Old Employer


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Hi ,


I need advise on my status regarding H1b Transfer. Please help me..


I am currently working for Employer A. Applied for h1b transfer to Employer B, which is approved. And my joining date and petition start date with Employer B is 28th July.


Currently I am serving notice period with employer A. My questions are


1) When will be the relieving date from employer A, is advisable ? I initially requested to HR to relieve me by 25th July (last working day), as 26th and 27th fall on weekend.

2) If they releive me by 25th, will I become out of status for 26th and 27th July, as my joining date is 28th July...

3) Is it okay if I get relieved by 31st July (for any reasons related to employer A), but join employer B on 28th.....? This means that I will be working for 2 employers from 28th to 31st July...??


I spoke to Employer B HR, and he said it is fine to be relieved by 25th? Is it okay ?


I dont want to go into out of status... Please advise asap.




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