Sponsoring visitor visa while passport expires in 2 mons


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I am planning to sponsor visitor visa to my parents and my passport expires in sep 2014 can i sponsor visitor visa now (before my passport expires) or do i have to sponsor them once i renewed my passport.


Read posts in this forum before you post similar one. There is no sponsorship for visitor's visa and your status in US is immaterial.

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At the outset the applicant is expected to evidence strong family, financial and social ties to home country to overcome the presumption of immigrant intent under Sec. 214(b) of Immigration and Nationality Act. The consular officers generally decide the outcome of a visa application based on the information presented in DS-160 visa application and elicited at the visa interview. They seldom verify the documents carried by the applicant(s).  In some instances, the officer may review the documents to verify if the inviting relative / friend continue to maintain his/his immigration status in the U.S. and validity of passport should not impact the visa application as long as s/he has taken timely steps to renew the same. If you need further assistance with your parents B2 visa application, please feel free to consult with one of the Attorneys at Murthy Immigration Services Private Limited in Chennai, India. More information is available on https://www.murthyindia.com/.

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