Am i eligible for EB2 or EB3?

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EDUCATION:   foreign 3+3 years (Bachelors in Computer Science+Masters in Computer applications) . Education evaluation is complete in US and it says "Master of Science Degree in Computer Science"


WORK EXPERIENCE: 8+ years (current 1 year , past 7 years)


My employer says I might not be eligible for EB2 as i dont have a 4 years continuous Bachelors degree in foreign country. They are also saying that i might get RFE or denial if i proceed with EB2, they are suggesting to go for EB3.  As per USCIS website, I am eligible for EB2.


what do you think about my EB2 eligibility?






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If you wanna dispute your company attorney's advise, then for your second opinion for your case, please consult a more prestigious attorney firm like Murthy's.


Please note the suggestions provided by forum members other than licensed immigration attorneys, will not supersede your attorney's advise.


As an "opinion", I would say .. EB classification depends on your Job requirement . Not your qualification. 


Note: If your Masters in India is equivalent to PhD in USA (hypothetical only..) even then if your job says only High School Diploma required, then you may not qualify for EB2.

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