Am I cap-exempt


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Please help! Listed below are my H-1 validity periods when I worked for cap subject employers.


H-1 with cap-subject company A was from 7/14/2003 to 7/13/2006.

H-1 with cap-subject company B was from 10/27/2004 to 10/24/2007

H-1 with cap-subject company C was from  9/19/2005 to 08/28/2008


I quit my job in September 2006 and went to grad school on F-1 visa.


I have almost 3 more years of H-1 left, am I cap-subject or cap exempt and how do you figure this out.  How do you know when you were 1st counted against the cap? Also I have quite a bit of vacation while on H-1 prior to 2006, can I recapture and add to my remaining H-1 time?



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