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I was working for company A and got an offer from Company B, who applied for H1B transfer which is still pending at the moment.I worked with company B for over 2mnths now. Company C has offered even better job which I am thinking of moving to. Can company C apply for another transfer with the current one with B still pending?

What are the complications I will be encountering if any, if I go ahead with company C?


What would my situation if Company B invokes current petition after I moved on to company C( (assuming petition at C is also @ pending status)


What is the best way to make a move to C?

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If your I94 is still valid employer C can file a cap exempt H1B petition. If not then employer C's petition will be considered as bridge petition. You might have to check your contract with B as you might be liable for damages if you do not stay with B, if you have signed one to that effect.

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