Pending AOS and Daughter's Admission to school

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My daughter has pending adjustment of status and the college she applied to is considering her as an international student. One of the option that I am thinking about is to go out of the country to renew her I-94. Should I be concerned about this approach as I have heard people are having issues on re-entering the country?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


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JoeF, Thank your response. Initially she was considered as an international student, after I submitted i-94, she was considered as a eligible non-citizen or a local student. College authorities had informed me that they had forwarded the docs to homeland security for review. I am thinking it would be the same after I extend her I-94 by going out of the country.

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Hi Murali,


    I am not sure why you will need a new I 94. Anyways most of the states consider your daughter(dependent) as a local if you work/live (legally) in the same state continuously for a period of time before admission. Check the school's definition of local/non-local student. You didn't mention which status you are in right now.  

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