H1B renewal, EVC model, RFE for client letter


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I am working with the same company for the last 6 years. this is the 3rd time, my employer is applying for the H1B. I got a RFE to prove Employee-Employer relationship(my employer will take care of this) and the client letter. My client is not willing to entertain any such requests. My vendor already provided a letter confirming my assignment with the client and Master Service Agreement with the client. Now, what kind of documentation we should provide in the absence of the client letter to prove EVC model? Please advice! Thanks in anticipation.

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A letter from client that they do not provide client letter.

That sounds good and reasonable. Thank you! I might get similar kind of letter. But, what if the client deny to give any kind of letter on the client letterhead? Is there a solution to this problem?

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