Transfering job on H-1B/EAD with different role and responsibilities with pending 485.


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I have a new job offer from a top company with higher salary and a different role compared to the one filed with Perm. I currently have an approved EAD and a pending 485 (EB2, priority date - Aug 09) but planning to transfer on H-1B. My perm was filed under the Occupation title as Computer Software Engineer, Applications with job title as Senior Configuration and Release Engineer (responsibilities include building and maintaining build environments, source control, developing custom tools, etc) and the new role is Software Quality Assurance - White box testing (responsibilities include writing code to testing API, writing test cases, etc). The O*Net codes for both the roles are different but they both are related to Computer Science field. I'm going to work with an immigration attorney but wanted to see if anyone has gone through a similar scenario. 

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My two roles were similar, but fell into two different categories. One was for research, and the other was in management. It was not a problem. However, I don't believe that any mentioning of the code for my new job was made in the AC21 letter. I just had the job description from the job offer.

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I don't think it should be an issue. As far as you are in the related field of work which is computer related. It should not matter if you move between test, development, systems engineering etc. Or even between different programming language. File your AC 21 and you should be OK.

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