EB3 - L1B to L1A or L1B to H1B

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I am a Indian citizen living in the states on L1-B visa. My L1-B visa PED is Feb 2016 and L1-B max out is also Feb 2016. My employer is about to file PERM for me in 2 to 4 weeks which will either be EB2 or EB3. I am trying to understand what options do I have to continue to legally live and work in the states while my GC or at least I-140 is done.


Considering Feb 2016 as my L1-B PED I do not have adequate time to complete the GC process and  I am guessing I-140 as well. My employer has agreed to process either L1-B to L1-A conversion (which gets me 2 more years for max out) or L-B to H1-B conversion (in 2015 quota). Could you please advise which conversion option would be ideal in the context of GC processing or is there any other option that I can evaluate?

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