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I came to usa on H4 in Feb 2012.my I-94 expired on july 2012, Got H4 extension twice and now have valid H4 till Feb 2017.

This year i apllied two H1B's  through different employers and both H1's got picked.

Now Emp A's petition is approved and Emp B's petition received RFE.


Now I need to travel india for some issues.

My questions are

1) Can i go for H1 stamping with approved Emp A's H1 which is starting validity from Oct 2014.I dont have paystubs as mine is new H1,does this increases risk of h1 stamping?


2) Will there be any issue in stamping with multiple H1's   


3) Will there be any issue in stamping Emp A approved H1 b petition with Emp B's pending petition.


4) If I face rejection with approved H1 stamping, Can i comeback on H4 and active same H1 ?


4) or else Can i go for H4 stamping which is valid until Feb 2017 and enter before Oct 2014.

5) If I go for H4 stamping will there be any issue in stamping and Port of entry about the two H1's ? 


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