How long can the GC be retained without being in the US?

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What is the minimum time I need to stay in the US in order to retain the GC?


Do I need to stay at a stretch for a number of months, or can I just visit US and return to a


different country to keep my GC active. Please throw some light on this.


Also, what is the duration I need to stay in the US to possess a citizenship?

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And if you don't believe me, ask a good immigration lawyer, e.g., from the law firm that runs this forum.

You will find that I am right.


Heck, I even give you links:

"There is no specific length of travel that automatically allows one to return to the United States as a permanent resident. It is a factual decision in which the length of time abroad is one of the factors to be considered.

In all cases, the travel abroad must be temporary in nature. In order for time outside of the United States to be regarded as temporary, one's trip must either have a fixed termination date or be based on an event that has a reasonable possibility of occurring within a relatively short duration."



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