I-140 Approved in March 2013 - But employer got evidence from immigration


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Hi All, 


Sorry for my bad communication. 



I have applied labor in Aug 2012 and 140 is approved in March 2013.I have left my employer after labor approved and joined one Indian MNC. While i was with MNC , my employer applied for 140 and it got approved in 2013 only. 


Now the issue is  :  He applied 140 for one of his employee in 2014 and he got a evidence letter from immigration department to give the details of 2013 -2014 applied 140 cases and w2 form and pay slips. 


Mine is approved but i worried about this letter what are the consequences i have to face in future. I am still with Indian MNC only. 



 Kindly tell me what will happen in my case  :-(

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