H4 Stamping


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Documents submitted-all the required ones.Took client letter,but vo didn't ask.

questions-where is ur husband working?name & location.How long he has been in US?

show me the paystubs.Did he file GC?Will you come back(yes)?Any kids?If so US Citizen?

Convince him that you don't have intentions to stay there.

Gud luck....

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Can you please let me know what you answered for his question regarding GC.

I have my H4 visa appointment next week (sep 29), I have done my MS and was on H1b for a while and then later got my H4 stamping done almost 2 yrs ago and now I have to go for my H4 stamping renewal (my husband got 3 yrs extension after 140 approval). We don't intend to stay there permanently but how can I convince the VO, having applied for GC.

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please post the questions asked at your H4 interview

that would be very greatful. my wife is going to her H4 interview at Hyd consulate on Sep 14. your guidance will be very helpful

thank you

my wife got her H4 stamping successfully.just normal regular questions asked.

is your marriage arranged or love?

when is your marriage date? how long have you been married?

which company does your husband work?

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