My PERM Timeline


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Here is my timeline for those wondering about how long everything takes.  In my case it was probably ideal timing because my employer was bam-bam efficient with everything.


12/24/2004 - Came to US as H4 under my mom when I was 14
08/01/2010 - Switched to F1 because of "aging-out" (Mom unfortunately is EB3-India) and wanting to do research
01/01/2012:09/30/2013 - Worked on OPT & STEM OPT with 2 different companies
04/01/2013 - Employer filed H1B petition
10/01/2013 - Switched to H1B with my current employer
11/01/2013 - Company started PERM process
02/03/2014 - PERM was submitted (CASE # A-14034 - XXXXX)
07/14/2014 - Employer got email a couple minutes ago saying it's been CERTIFIED!



Now just have to wait until the lawyer gets the certified PERM and then my employer can file I-140 EB-2 and I can tag on my I-485 concurrently.  May or may not do EAD/AP, haven't decided that yet.


Good luck to everyone. After almost 10 years it's closer than ever before and it feels like I've gotten through the hard part in my case.

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