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You do not need to do anything at this time.


When your PD is current and it is time for you to file for I-485. At which time your wife will be able to file for her own I-485 as your derivative (assuming she is in US at that point), or file for CP if outside of US.

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If there are questions about documents, this should be addressed to the attorney. There are certain documents that it is often best to consider before it is time to file the I-485. It will be necessary to have birth documents as well as marriage documents.

Sometimes, this is very straightforward, but not always.


Some people don't have birth certificates. Others have late registered birth certificates or incomplete certificates. If there is no birth certificate, then it is usually necessary to obtain a certificate of nonavailability, as well as secondary evidence relating to the birth. For late registered/incomplete documents, it is usually necessary to suppliment the birth certificate with secondary evidence.


This should all be considered in advance, as it can take time to obtain these documents from abroad.

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