H1B visa approved in Kingston, Jamaica


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I am writing this review bit late, but I thought its better to write..

My visa interview was on 30th June.


Questions asked at POE Kingston..


Why are you coming to Kingston?

Please show me your I-797
When do you have interview?
How many days will you stay in Kingston?

Interview Questions at Embassy..
Did you worked on H1B before?
Where do you work?
Who is your employer?
What are your job responsibilities?
Did you do your masters in USA?
Where did you do your Bachelors?
What is the specialization in your bachelors?
Have you ever been arrested in USA?
Have you ever had immigration issues in USA?
When are you leaving?
We will inform you if we need anything else..

Questions asked at POE Kingston..
Where are you coming from?
When did you went to Jamaica?
Why did you went to Jamaica?
Why did you went to Jamaica and why not India?
Who is your employer?
Where are you going now?

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Hi folks,


I am new to this thread and have some questions..


1) I recently changed my employer. so, I have a valid i-797 approval but my H1B visa stamping with my earlier employer has expired. can I still go to Kingston, Jamaica for my h1b stamping ? 


2) Do we need to get a Jamaican visitor visa ? ( I have an indian passport)


3) Is this the link to book the appointment ? https://usvisa-info.com/en-jm/selfservice/us_before_you_apply


I would really appreciate if someone would be kind enough to answer my questions.



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