Simultaneous PR process for US & Canada ? It's implications?

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My company has filed my PERM/EB 3 recently (p.d. jan 2013). The current date for EB3 is 2003. 

I am gettign job offers from Canada but things stop when they come to know that I donot have Canadian work permit or PR. 

So, I am in the process of applying for permamant residence for Canada.  I know that one person can be resident of one country at this time. ovincial nomination in Canada (not received yet).


Will the Canadian permanent card application have any negative impact/effect on my US green card process and vice versa?


Thanks in advaance

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I appreciate your feedback.

So is this interpretation correct - The US Green card process is not affected if I am having PR of any other country but still working in US and maintaining valid visa status ?


The process is not affected, but when the US GC gets approved, you will have to surrender all other residencies. Otherwise, the US GC could get revoked.

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