OPT extension denied because of incorrect i-20


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Hello All,

I graduated  from a STEM program in June 2013 and got a full time job on OPT . Before my 12 months OPT expired,  my employer's immigration lawyer filed for  17 month OPT extension using my old I-20. The lawyer did not tell that I needed to work with my school's DSO to update SEVIS and obtain a new i-20 before requesting the 17 month extension.


My 12 month OPT recently expired and I recently received a denial letter from uscis citing that SEVIS was not updated and OPT extension was not recommended by DSO. The letter gives the option to file motion to reopen or re-consider.

if anyone has any experience with such situation, can you help with the following ?

a) can I get a new i-20 from my school for 17 month OPT extension ? my old i-20 ( and EAD) expired around 15th June. 

b) would the uscis issue a new ead in case I file a motion to reopen the case after providing the new i-20 and all other relevant documents.


Any thoughts or suggestions will be really appreciated .Thank you so much!


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