L1 extension after visa validity


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Hi, need your guidance here pls. My L1A is valid till Oct 2014 though my I 94 is valid till Jan 2015. If my employer files my extension after my visa expires the but before Jan 2015, will it impact the chances of L1 extension approval by USCIS?

Kindly refrain from asking me specifically.

When does your L1A petition expire? An I94 is not valid if petition has expired.

Visa is an entry document and once you are in US your visa expiry date does not matter. What matters is your petition and I94 expiry date. Applying for an extension before petition and/or I94 expiry date will not affect the outcome of petition.

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Thanks so much for your reply. My petition will also be expired by Oct 14. So, does that mean that I should leave US by Oct 14 because my I94 will go invalid after that despite of the fact that it is given till Jan 15 originally (If my employer does not file my extension. before Oct 14). Let me know please.

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