Immigrant visa for new born


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My husband and I are appearing for an counselor processing interview under EB2 on Aug 19th. I am pregnant and expected to deliver in first week of August. 


How do we add the newborn's name onto the IV application such that our newborn get Immigrant Visa? Its passport wont be ready by August 19th, what should we do?


Is it beneficial to reschedule the interview after we have a passport for newborn? Or there is risk of retrogression? 




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1. Don't reschedule the interview. Retrogression is a possibility. And, see, item 2.


2. There is a visa exemption for children who are born abroad subsequent to the issuance of their parent's immigrant visa, as long as the child seeks to come in while the parent's visa is still vald. So, the family would travel together and everyone would be admitted to the U.S. as permanent residents. The child would obviously need a passport to travel. 


3. If the child is born BEFORE the visas are issued, the child will need an immigrant visa. There is a way to deal with this at the consulate, so that a visa (hopefully) can be issued. But, yet another reason not to delay anything.

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Thank you Sr Attorney,

About your point 3 above, when you say "...There is a way to deal with this at the consulate,...", what exactly does that mean? Do we need to follow any special steps for this? I was told I can just inform the interview officer during the interview. Is it that simple? 

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Hi Moony:


Congrats on the new born ...this process is fairly simple and I have gone thru this myself. All you need to do is inform the consulate that you have a dependent on the application and fill out a new DS form. You would need to submit a Demand draft in favor of consulate general , very imp point here is to make sure the DD amount is as per the latest exchange rate of the US dollar if this is over or under amount then you will asked to get a new one. You can refer the travel docs website, for the current rates. This will not be handled by NVC as your file has already left US.


Hope this helps ...




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