Tijuana - Successful Renewal. Passport Delivery?


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I had a successful H1 and spouse H4 visa renewal in Tijuana on 8th July. I am a fulltime employee with a well recongnized Fortune 500 company. Passport was supposed to be ready for pickup 2 days after the interview, its 3rd day today and haven't received any status update or a AWN# for DHL.  

Does anyone know how long it typically takes to get the passport these days in Tijuana?

Appreciate the information. Thank you.


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who said that the passport will be delivered to DHL location? In TIjuana you have to collect the passport from the consulate the next day after your interview if your visa is approved? Did'nt the VO give you a white slip after your interview which states the same? Go to the consulate and inquire man...

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