Change of employer on Approved I 140


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Hi All,


My current empoyer 'A' has filled PERM & I 140. I 140 has approved with company A. My furtuer employer company B is interested to Hire me and will file GC.


QUE: Can company B start PERM filing before Hiring and once PERM get approve with company B, Company B file for H1B trasfer ?


Thanks in advance ....


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Thank you for reply ! Just want to elaborate my previous question...


I have completed my 4 years on H1B. I have approved PERM and i -140 with Company A priority date Nov 2012.  Current priority date is Jan 22 2009. Let say company B  is hiring me now and  they will start my new Perm in May 2015.  During this one or 1 & half year, if suppose forward movement of EB2 become current date ( my is Nov 2012), so in this case,


1) Can company B use my old priority date ?


2) If not, Can company B file my H1B extension evenif Perm and I-140 is not approved with Company B YET.  ?


Thanks in advance.....



Thanks in advance..

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