EB2 - Masters+0 previous experience

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Hi, i did my Masters in USA, then i joined in one company and worked around 5 months with them but they ran only 1 month pay roll, first 2 months for training and then from other 3 months they ran payroll and paid me for just one month and they sent W2 also for that one month in year ending , then i changed my employer and have been working till now almost 3 years. my previous company they sold out to others and also i don't have any experience letter from previous company.


Now my Attorney is planning to file my Green card processing case under EB2  with Masters+ 0 Previous experience, he said no surprise if it gets Audit Review, Masters with minimum of 3 months previous experience can stop this Audit  but i don't have, i don't know what to do in this case, what's the possibility to get Audit for this in PERM and I-140 process.  please suggest me some options.

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Asking the same question which was asked couple of hundred times in the same forum. Please refer to the answers provided earlier for the same question.


Anyways.. Probability of Audit is High given no previous work experience prior to joining the sponsoring employer.


Well you got the advise from a qualified attorney himself who reviewed your profile in more detail than we did.


If you want a second opinion, then please consult a more prestigious attorney firm than your company attorney firm.

Example: Consult Murthy attorney firm with complete case details.

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