I485 RFE : Medical EXAM for dependents who is abroad.


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Hello team,


I'm an Indian citizan, currently in H1b visa and I have applied for Green Card via EB2 (PD : 4/15/2009) for me, my wife and daughter. I have got EAD and maintain my H1b Status still.  Last week we (all 3 of us) received an RFE on our I485 to do the medical exam again since the earlier provided medical test was valid for 1 year. 

I have some questions regarding this and I would like to have some advise on the same. 


Currently I'm in US and I can do the medical exam here itself.  However, my wife and daughter are in India and they won't be back to US for sometime. I would like to know what's the way to get the medical exam for them?  


- Do they need to be presented in US to do the medical Exam?  

- Or can the medical exam be done out of US too?  USCIS has approved doctors out of US for applying visas, however would that work for I485 RFE ? (http://www.uscis.gov/green-card/green-card-processes-and-procedures/immigration-medical-examinations/finding-medical-doctor)

- Can I respond my RFE first and then respond for my dependents? (It should be within 84 days though).


Thank you.





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Hi Joe, 


Thanks for your response.  


1) They will be back to US for atleast another 6+ months.  So, there's no option at all for my wife and daughter's medical exam, is it?   Can I delay the RFE for some more time due to this fact?


2) Also, Can I go ahead and respond to my RFE only first...and then my wife & daughter's case later...?


Thanks again and appreciate your help on this.

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