I485 - RFE received for Primary Beneficiary only


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I received an RFE on June 21st (mailed by USCIS on the 11th) with regards to my pending I485. I am asked to submit by Sep 4th 2014 these documents: (1) Form G-28, reason that they were not properly signed (don't know what this means) and (2) Form I-693 physical exams, reason that they have expired or about to expire. The last time this was submitted was when I filed for EAD in March 2012. After reading that USCIS is asking for I-693 through a flood of RFEs - if it has been more than a year when you submitted it first, it does not come as a surprise. What comes as a surpise we have not received an RFE letter for my wife whose case is also pending as a dependent.


Q1. Is it normal that only the primary is asked for the evidence?

Q2. Should I be getting a similar letter atleast for her I-693 fulfillment? It has been almost a month and I have not received such a letter? I am going to enquire with the attorney if they have received copies of both letters or is it a non-issue?


As a proactive measure, I have the I-693 exams completed and physician sealed envelopes ready for both my wife and I. But I am not sure if both should be sent with the RFE letter.


Can someone share some thoughts?


Thank you!

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I'm the original poster and have some updates to share as it might be helpful. I used the LIN# from the pending I485/AOS application receipt which is more than 2 years old, and entered into the USCIS case status site. It had identical message for my wife's AOS that a RFE letter was sent on the same date as mine, but we have not received it. For those wondering, we are on the same address since when the AOS was filed and only my RFE letter was in the mail. Anyways, I submitted a service ticket on the USCIS Tools site today after which it said to expect a reply in about 3 weeks.

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