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Hello All,

I am a student from xxxxx State University. I am in deep trouble due to some confusion with my DSO. It would be great if you could guide me in right track.

Issue: OPT has been denied because it was applied 90 days prior to program end date.

OPT applied: March 21st

Program end date: August 4th

Confusion: After I had applied for OPT I had received an offer of internship for a MNC which I couldn't refuse. After some discussions with my DSO we decided to postpone my program end date(as the company only takes CPT students as interns). I started my CPT on May 7th and had kept August 5th as the start date of my OPT. Me and my DSO didn't realize that this would violate the 90 day rule. I have really good GPA from a good university.Except this mistake I feel everything else is ok with my case.

My DSO has suggested to reapply for OPT as I am still in the 90 day window. 

My question is made of two parts:


Future course of action?
1) Be on the safe side and apply for a university just in case
2) Wait for the result of reapplication
3) File a motion for reconsideration


I finish my CPT in August and have to wait for decision on my OPT can I work during this period?

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To state that companies only take CPT is a total misrepresentation of the facts. Even USCs qualify for internships and they have no need for work authorization.

You got into trouble by extending your graduation date to use CPT. I hope you paid proper tuition fees during this time.

You may not work without authorization.

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