EB2 Category qualification--- urgent

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Hi Friends,


My degree has been evaluated as the equivalent of US master’s degree in computer information systems.


I have 7 years of experience for the current employer(both india(2.5y) + USA(4.6y)). I don't have any prior experience, as i joined a fresher in india


Now employer is filing my GC. My question is am i eligible for EB2 category.


My job role requires minimum BS+5 years of experience. I heard that to file EB2 we need prior employee experience?


My experience is only with the current employer. In this case I am eligible for EB2?


Please suggest.






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In your scenario, you may utilize the experience with the same employer if your new job requirement is significantly different (atleast 50%) from your current job in which you are showing that experience.


Note: Please read answers to the same question asked thousands of times in the same forum. 


Please do not ask the same question for which the team has provided answer atleast couple of hundred times before.


One example is my own post:


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