Minimum prevailing wage for EB2 process in Silver Spring, Maryland


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I was recently offered a position in Silver Spring, Maryland as a Software Developer 3(they claim its mid level). They offered me an annual salary of 85k.

They informed me that after 5 months of joining the company they will file my green card through an attorney.

This is what they mentioned:


"The category which they file under will depend on your conversations with our immigration attorney. If you qualify for filing under EB2 category, The company has no objection to it."


Here is my qualification and job experience(This includes CPT, OPT and H1b experience)

- Masters in Science, Computer Science

- Company A - 8 months

- Company B -11 months

- Company C - 1 year 8 months

- New Company - Would be 5 months at the time of filing


So overall at time of filing , I would have 3 1/2 years of experience and a salary of 85k when they file.


My question is, Would 85k in Maryland suffice to qualify for EB2 given my qualifications.

There is no indication anywhere that the job that they offered me requires a master's degree.

Thanks, any response will be appreciated.


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If the job requires Bachelor's degree and 5 years of experience, but if I have a master's degree and 3 years of experience, will I qualify for a EB2 position then?


A. CPT doesn't count. That's part of the curriculum, i.e., part of the requirement for the degree.

B. Time in the company doesn't count, unless the GC job is at least 50% different from the current job.

C. From what you quoted, the job does not require a Masters degree, and you didn't quote anything about 5 years experience, either. The company can not tailor the job description to fit you.

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The attorney will file in the appropriate category according to your qualifications, the job requirements and the law.  He/she is obligated to serve his/her clients in the best possible manner. If it is not doe as you want (EB2), it will be for good reason. So trust that the attorney is doing the best thing and hang on for the ride.

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