Copy of Approved I-140 under FOIA


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Can some one tell me if I can use the FOIA and claim a copy of the approved I-140 which is under my previous eomployer. I had my I-140 approved under my previous employer and was just waiting for my PD to be come current, in the mean time I had better opportunity and moved to another job. My previous I-140 is not revoked and I have my perm LC approved under my new employer name. I would like to retain my PD from my initial perm application and would like to know what should I do and how should I get a copy of it.

I have the case number of my perm LC A#XXXXX is that sufficient to get my I-140 approved copy. I DO NOT have the I-140 application receipt number.

Any suggestions, sure I am definitely not the first person in this scenario. Google on the topic of "Approved I-140 Copy" tells a lot of stories of reclaiming the I-140 approval thru FOIA [G-639]. Does any one have detailed steps of all that needs to be done and how much time would it take.

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