L1 extension-timing issue


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Hi Friends,  


Greetings to all!!  


My L1-A visa and I-94 are valid till 29-SEP-2014. My company will most likely file extension before that.


I need advice on the following:


We are expecting our baby during mid-August. I am in a confusion whether to request for filing a extension well before visa expiry date OR to wait till last few days and then file extension.


The point here is since my kid will not be allowed to travel for at least 2-3 months after birth I wanted to seek some advice on how to plan my extensiom filing.


If I file early, and let say it gets rejected or something I may have to leave, but with few weeks of infact kid which is not suggested.



If I delay filing till a week before 29-SEP, I can buy some time? Which one is better?


Thank you all,







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