Please help - Very Urgent!!


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Hi Experts,

Here is my problem. I need very quick help if possible.


My current H1B expires on July 10th.

I applied for my H1B extension (premium processing) about a month ago.

I am currently working as a consultant for a small company without any breaks in the past 4 + years

I got a query from USCIS asking for my contract details, which were provided in a timely manner.


I just saw online that my H1B approval got denied. I have not received any mail yet.

Can you please help me with the following questions?

1. What are my options?

2. Can I work beyond 10th July if my attorney sends any further information to USCIS by appealing to the decision?

3. Can I continue to stay in the country?

4. Can I immediately apply for a H-1 tranfer to a different employer before the post decision is given in my present filed petetion?

5. Can I apply for a H1 extension again with the same employer?

I have to take any action right away without wasting much time, hence any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Krish,

Sorry to hear that. As u have H1B till july 10th, u can work til that time. meanwhile ur employer must b recieving the denial letter. depending on the reason for rejection, u can go for an appeal or new h1 with the same/new employer. but once u apply for an appeal u cannot work. if the appeal comes in ur favor, everything that happened is a nightmare n u can continue working. usually the appeal result shud come in 60 days , if not its indefinite. so i suggest u to go for a new h1 with the same employer or transfer ur h1 to a new employer.

if its with the same employer, then b sure to apply it right away in PP and b very caitious with all the documentation. make sure u provide uscis as many docs as possible ...

good luck...

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Thankyou very much for your reply. It did help me to relax a bit as my employer is filing for a fresh application once again at the earliest and I am making sure we don't miss out any documents this time.

Getting the reason for denial will surely add up to correct any missing documents from the file.

Thanks again for your quick response..


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