F1 Visa Rejected under 214b. Please help me how to overcome


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My visa Experience :


Date:25th June,2014



Appointment Time:7:30 am

ME:Hi Good morning sir.how r u.

VO:Hi Good morning

VO:pass ur passport .

ME:gave the passport.

VO:why is this university.

ME:I said in UTA Civil Engineering has second most Research Grants awarded in the college .

VO:what is your percentage ?

ME: told 76.

VO: When did you pass out?


VO: What were you doing since then?

Me:i am taking care of my uncle business,that is in construction .

VO;sorry unfortunately your visa is rejected, better luck next time and take this form. Given 214b form with below item as marked


Dear Applicant:here canceled on box crass mark[x]


I dont understand where i went wrong in the interview 

Please Advice me how to overcome this?

And Can i Apply again in Hyderbad Consulate?


Thanks in Advance..

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