New I-693 Medical Exam Policy


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This week, the attorneys from the Murthy Law Firm will answer questions regarding USCIS' new policy regarding the I-693 medical exam for Adjustment of Status (Form I-485) applicants.






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We took TB skin test in 2012 and as expected it was positive and got a chest X ray done and submitted the form.


Now again we need to go through the medical exam as we received RFE, my question is can we skip TB skin test and proceed with chest X ray. On our RFE there is special instructions that medical report will not be accepted without Tb skin test results.


Though I read at USCIS FAQ section which clearly explains that in situation like mine, I do not require to take TB test again.


I am only concerned that since its specially  mentioned in RFE notice I do not want to receive another RFE and do the whole process again.


Any suggestions/comments?



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Dear Attorney,


There is a confusion among a lot of people about I-693.


Does the copy of the RFE letter from USCIS needs to be placed inside the sealed envelope by the Civil Surgeon?


Many people who have already received RFE letters are interpreting the words "RFE copy together with the I-693" as having to be placed inside the envelope. Is this correct?


PS: I got RFE text/email but the actual letter is on it way. But I am doing medicals this week to be ready. Hence I'd like to know if the RFE copy needs to be placed inside envelop.

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