Green card while on F1-OPT


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I entered the US on a F1-student visa. I have completed my graduate studies and I am currently on an F1-OPT which expires September 2014. I have been employed since my graduation. I recently married a US citizen and we plan on filing for a Green Card for me soon. I understand that I would receive an EAD through Green Card application, which would allow me to work legally in the US. Given that my F1-OPT expires in 3 months, would you suggest that I first apply for a OPT-STEM extension and then start the Green card process? This way I get 18 more months to work via the STEM extension while I wait for Green card-based EAD. 





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If you can file your green card application in the next week or two max, do it. If not, apply for the STEM extension, and then apply for the green card 90 days from your STEM approval (if you want to be safe on the immigrant intent question).

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